China Boom!!

Collective Exhibition Opening: 10th December, 6pm

Photo, Video Performance, Installation, Painting.

  • Zhu Ye . Painting
  • Han Bing. Photo , Video, Performance
  • Ma Yongfeng. Photo installation
  • Lan Hungh. Performance

Exhbition: 10th December to 9th January, 2021

Pantocrátor Gallery and LiTE-HAUS join forces to present China Boom!! An exhibition that will blow your mind!

​It is an exciting project celebrating the spirit of these brave, outspoken Chinese artists dedicated to the "Social Praxis of Art" who raise their voices for a better world.

Las galerías Lite-Haus y Pantocrator Gallery unen fuerzas en el proyecto expositivo ‘China Boom!!’ La muestra abrirá sus puertas el jueves 12 de diciembre y tiene como como objetivo acercar al público europeo artistas chinos dedicados al arte social y al medio ambiente.

VideoPan.6 VJ-Club!!

Festival exhibition Opening: 16th May, 6pm

VideoArt Festival: 16th to 21st May, 2011

  • Chuso Ordi (Spain)
  • Machines Désirantes (Spain)
  • Minimanners (Spain)
  • Oskur Live Video (Spain)
  • Pecado Pixelado (Spain)
  • Vj'Suave (Brazil-Argentina)
  • Steel5000 (USA)

The result of this exhibition have been a selection of video works that have a direct relationship with the music industry, like visual, video clip, M/D, or teaser.

Most of these artists have started their career with pure "visuals" from culture club as Pecado Pixelado (Spain) Murcia, that follows experimenting with looped images full of irony, humor and eroticism, creating visuals loops that accompany the dj.

Vj'Suave (Brazil - Argentina) formed by Igor Maroto (Brazil) and Cecilia Soloaga (Argentina), also work from the visual and animation, using visual superposing on facades or outsides for the realization of their videos, revitalizing for an instant the urban voids.

Minimanners (Spain) is a Catalan group that are settled between Berlin and Barcelona. They develop a very depurated work in visual that usually accompanies the minimal techno. His images take us to the most industrial, digital and romantic future in which Hertzian slings are the subject of inspiration.

Oskur Live Video (Spain) works in Berlin, videoclip after experimenting with the visual taking part as vj in clubs, festivals and performances. Oskur Live Video shows the face more underground and transgressive mixing hard porn, punk and auteur cinema in their final pieces.

Besides we have Chuso Ordi (Spain) , Barcelona, coming from illustration world, creating his own universe of images that later recreated and animated. Chuso’s imagery can take us to postmodern comic. These two pieces of Chuso are the result of earlier work by vj for direct of musician like “Fur Voice” or “Dorian Bodies” among others.

Either Machines Désirantes (Spain) works (Madrid), that after a long experience in various fields of visual creation, working for musicians like “Jeans Team” or “Cielo”, shows a video clip of “Jeans Team” and two works more complex that unify music, visual and performance in one piece. This complex discipline is called M/D (Live Video Set).

Finally we have Steel5000 (USA) , New Hope, Pennsylvania, she work alone as well as the work done with WORKT34M, opposite as the other artists began their work earlier with video art and later played the "visual" as another facet of the video. Here they teach us something called teaser or video flyer, in which the artist develops a performative work full of humor not for dj’s, just to promote a club.

Cristina Moreno Garcia VideoPan.5 & Lisa Saumweber "Blaue Prinzen"

Solo Exhibition Opening: 2nd May, 6pm

  • Cristina Moreno Garcia (Spain)
  • Lisa Saumweber (Germnay)

Video Installation Exhibition: 2nd to 12th May, 2011

In the videoinstallation we talk with and to each other, repeating an SMS-correspondence developed for several months. Totally given off original feelings, situations and reactions, a unique and intimate conversation is represented on the four screens. This videopiece builds up the center of the exhibition, completed by other individual artworks.


Collective Exhibition Opening: 22nd April, 6pm

Painting Exhibition: 22th to 30th April, 2011

Berto Martínez, Cristian G. Castellón, Pau Bonet, Nil Bartolozzi, Maria López, Anna Rubio, Mademoiselle Chloé, Aida González Subirà, Mercedes Valgañón, Kikayis, Cristian Blanxer, Diego Muñoz, Ernest Rupérez, Guibo, Adrià De Yzaguirre, Glem, Amaia Arrazola, Nube, Monsieur Álvaro Pinacho, Manifesto79, Dourone, Jalón, Crajes, Hector Olivares, ConspiracyStudio, Máximo Tuja, Ibie, Maria Diamantes, Conrad Roset, Hamo Studio & Ina Fiebig.

The same exhibition that took place in Pantocrator Barcelona travelled to its Berlin headquarters. A great experience with friends and collaborators that came from different locations to help us in the mounting.

Reskate! is a project by the versatile group from Barcelona Reskate Arts & Crafts. It is born with the intention of rescuing that skateboard you abandoned where you left your teens behind, that didn't resist your last trick or it's just rotting in your balcony. Reskate is an idea both simple and romantic that seeks restoring your old skateboard into a brand new mini long. Again. With such purpose, Reskate staff recollect abandoned boards which once reshaped are delivered to either acclaimed or novel illustrators. They reuse them as the legitimate support of artistic expression they always were. This way, we get a limited and unrepeatable edition. If it makes you go skating again, you'll make its creators happy. The result is so exciting that it's worth it giving the skateboard a second chance. Relive it.

This project has come to light thanks to the valuable collaboration of every rescuer, the collaborating shops, as well as the copywriter Juan Fernández, the proofreader Ander Isuskiza and video assistance of Ona Campillo and Xavi Daura.

Artists Rescuers:

Berto Martínez, Cristian G. Castellón, Pau Bonet, Nil Bartolozzi, Maria López, Anna Rubio, Mademoiselle Chloé, Aida González Subirà, Mercedes Valgañón, Kikayis, Cristian Blanxer, Diego Muñoz, Ernest Rupérez, Guibo, Adrià De Yzaguirre, Glem, Amaia Arrazola, Nube, Monsieur Álvaro Pinacho, Manifesto79, Dourone, Jalón, Crajes, Hector Olivares, ConspiracyStudio, Máximo Tuja, Ibie, Maria Diamantes, Conrad Roset, Hamo Studio & Ina Fiebig.

Video here

Li Wei VideoPan.4 "Made in China"

Solo Exhibition Opening: 15th April, 6pm

Video Art Exhibition: 5th April to 21th April, 2011

Li Wei (China)

Rina Donnersmarck "Pictoplasma"

Solo Exhibition Opening: 6th April , 6pm

Rina Donnersmarck (Germany)

Illustration Exhibition : 6th to 10th April, 2011

Román Lokati What would you do if you had no fear?

Solo exhibition Opening: 17th March, 6pm

Engravings Exhibition : 17th to 30th March, 2011

Román Lokati (Spain) living in London.

An arithmetical rhythm of game played by people who spend their lives toing and froing. When life is a continuous journey in shared solitude....

Urbanites in the city and nearly urban trees. This vital space of separation, of individual bubble, wuich instead of defending us is sentencing us to the emptiness of no comminication.

Light, organising the exquisiteness of colours which pretty well define a job done coherently and passionately.

Solitude, cosmopolitan solitude, all in order.

As a witness of diversity, Lokati reivents himself and, from the distance, he manages to be even closer.

Text by Carmen Zurita.

Malarchi "How much does your building cost, Mr Fletcher?"

Solo Exhibition Opening: 3th February, 6pm

Photo Exhibition: 3th February to 15th March, 2011

Malarchi (France)

Promoter: Guust Selhorst

Organization with the help of Ingrid Agud and Alex Eschler

Every year Malarchi organizes exhibitions in different European cities with two objectives: To witness the social architecture projects that we have been developing for two years in Malawi, a country recognized by the OECE as one of the poorest in the world.

And try to get the necessary budget for the next project.

"How much does your building cost, Mr. Flecher?" It illustrates how with a relatively low budget and a lot of enthusiasm, an entire community can be met, breaking with the Western idea of ​​proprietary architecture.

In 2008 Malarchi built a Theater for the school for € 650, in 2009 an HIV prevention center for € 3,000.

Flecher, director of a local organization in Kasupe Ministries, Malawi, tells us each year what infrastructure the community needs. His proposal for our next project has been the construction of a bridge to make the secondary school accessible during the rainy season.

The way Malarchi uses to subsidize projects bypasses the ordinary bureaucratic and administrative procedures that normally hinder the work of solidarity organizations.

We show real results so that you can decide if we can develop the next challenge by acquiring one of the photographs.


Malarchi organiza cada año exposiciones en diferentes ciudades Europeas con dos objetivos: Haceros testigos de los proyectos de arquitectura social que desde hace dos años desarrollamos en Malawi, país reconocido por OECE como uno de los más pobres del mundo.

E intentar conseguir el presupuesto necesario para el próximo proyecto.

“How much does your building cost, Mr. Flecher?” ilustra cómo con un presupuesto relativamente bajo y mucho entusiasmo, se puede dar respuesta a la necesidad de toda una comunidad, rompiendo con la idea occidental de arquitectura privativa.

En 2008 Malarchi construyó un Teatro para la escuela por 650€, en 2009 un centro de prevención del VIH por 3.000€.

Mr. Flecher, director de una organización local de Kasupe Ministries, Malawi, nos transmite cada año qué infraestructura necesita la comunidad. Su propuesta para nuestro próximo proyecto ha sido la construcción de un puente para hacer accesible la escuela de secundaria durante la época de lluvias.

La forma que utiliza Malarchi para subvencionar los proyectos se salta los trámites burocráticos y administrativos ordinarios que normalmente entorpecen el trabajo de organizaciones solidarias.

Mostramos resultados reales para que tú decidas si podemos desarrollar el próximo reto mediante la adquisición de una de las fotografías.

Kathrin Grissemann "Sex - It's just a job"

Solo exhibition Opening: 12nd November, 6pm

Photo Exhibition: 12nd to 30th November, 2010

Kathrin Grissemann ( Switzerland)

The common conception of prostitutes and our estimation of them in our minds are always preceded by images which are woven into contemporary discourse, both historically and in terms of the media. Almost every photographer or artist, be they famous or unknown, will have tackled the subject, and helped to purport the myth which shapes the idea of sex as a job.

Kathrin Grissemann chose a different way, approaching the subject more carefully and most importantly getting to know people. In a certain sense it could be said that she overcame the semantics of imagery that we are confronted with via the widespread and standardized use of images on the subject of prostitution and prostitutes.

When you scratch the surface, then people like you and I emerge. Men and women who simply "don't look like that".

Kathrin Grissemann removes the context, switches off the red lights and takes them away from the streets, limousines, pseudo-glamour, the red or the black clothes, the stigma, the brothels, and the ubiquitous debate about whether they are all victims to reveal the actual people behind the escort girls, rent boys, strippers, hostesses and dominatrices.

Society's opinion reduces sex-workers to mere flesh, and the one-dimensional way that they are described implies that they are objects without a will of their own. The media are all happy to trot out on an infinite loop the historical prototypes that the whore, the prostitute, the woman of easy virtue have always constituted and distorted. Right-wing feminists, stereotypical religion-based radical opponents and even revitalized patriarchal structures have taken over the monopoly of interpretation and formed an alliance which puts sex-workers firmly in their place as victims and objects.

The "prostitute" now finds him or herself at the intersection of a balance of power and defined as a "problem" which usually negates self-determination regarding their actions. Sex-workers are perceived as sexual competition and as a public disturbance; they are the "objects" of research in medical history, psychiatric, sociological, repressive feminist and right-wing discourses, and a way of procuring outside investment and jobs in the aid and support sector. Bans, criminalization, economic exploitation, force, dependency and human trafficking are what set the tone for an activity which is carried out in the shadows.

While the reality is less so, the imagined world is a brutal one, with everyone milking it dry and taking advantage of the contorted, demonized faces of sex and the helpless victims.

This possibility of an activity with self-determined, responsible dealings which adhere to the conditions of structural economic necessities, of consensual sexuality, of respectful intimacy, of an activity which allows for closeness and humanity – beyond exploitation and force – barely seems to even be entertained.

It is actually society's take on the matter which perverts the sex trade in its entirety, makes it rot away into an "immoral state of affairs" and advocates victimization, and reproduces itself as a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is not what "legitimate human beings" look like…

As the US performance artist and sex-worker Sadie Lune phrased it: "Stop punishing me just because you may not be able to imagine being me."

Not policing the bodies, but "noticing that the diversity of experience is enormous." Laura Augustín

The variety and diversity of experiences, the manifold sexual knowledge beyond privatistic assimilation and making sex public... something that is worth thinking about beyond the realm of the sex trade.


Makode Linde "From Porn Star to Connoisseur"

Solo exhibition Opening: 25th October, 6pm

Mix Media Exhibition: 25th October to 7th November, 2010

Makode Linde ( Sweden)

was macht den mann zum mann?

die männliche gesichtsbehaarung ist wohl eines der eindeutigsten zeichen des mann-werdens. 13 jährige lassen sich den flaum auf ihren oberlippen stehen um sich so von ihren (noch) flaumlosen freunden zu unterscheiden. und bereits achtjährige imitieren im badezimmer ihre väter, seifen sich ein und "rasieren" sich mit der stumpfen kante eines kamms den fiktiven bart.

die vielfalt der männlichen geischtsbehaarung erscheint fast wie ein letzter kleiner triumpf einer (alt)herren riege über die emanzipation. eines letztes gebiet auf dem man(n) sich austoben kann.

was treibt einen mann dazu, sich einen bart wachsen zu lassen? was treibt einen adolf hitler dazu, seinen kaiserbart abzurasieren und die klägliche imitation eines schnurbarts für den rest seines lebens zu tragen und somit zu einem symbol des grauens des dritten reichs werden zu lassen? wäre der heutige trend zum vollbart möglich, hätte hitler einen getragen? warum feiert der stalinbart ein revival nach dem anderen? war sadam hussein im erdloch ein trendsetter?

wer versteckt sich hinter einem bart? was bleibt, wenn man dem monster seinen bart nimmt? wie stark prägt unsere vorstellung des grauens die gesichtsbehaarung der agitatoren?

in makode lindes serie "From Porn Star to Connoisseur" spielt der künstler in 62 porträts die möglichenkeiten der kennzeichnung durch gesichtsbehaarung durch. bekannte bärte auf unbekanntem (?) gesicht. der bart als indentifikation, die macht der gesichtsbehaarung...

„Adolf Hitler, dem sein Bart, ist von ganz besondrer Art. Kinder da ist etwas faul: Ein so kleiner Bart und ein so großes Maul.“

Bertolt Brecht

Dirk Mueggenburg "The Bait"

Solo exhibition Opening: 4th October, 6pm

Dirk Mueggenburg (Germany)

Photo Exhibition: 4th to 23th October, 2010

On Saturday nights,

before I leave for the clubs,

I arrange stuff in my apartment.

I guess it's that I aim to impress and charm

my guest and thereby extend

the one-night stand

beyond the casual sexual encounter.

My sexual skills are on a low level.

Pablo F. Pujol VideoPan.3 "La cosa animada"

Solo exhibition Opening: 16th September, 6pm

Video Art Exhibition: 16th September to 1st October, 2010

Pablo Fernandez Pujol (Spain)

Experimento audiovisual generado en stop-motion que presenta la historia de un neurótico personaje sometido a la extraña fuerza de una silla que lo transporta, en una vieja buhardilla berlinesa.

Romina Bassu "I´m stressed out"

Solo exhibition Opening: 3th September, 6pm

Romina Bassu (Italy)

Painting Exhibition: 3th to 15th September, 2010

This series of paintings presents two fundamental elements:

the objects on one hand and moods on the other. Coffee cups,

cigarettes, prozac pills, bottles of spirits are portraits of a

continuing withdrawal into ourselves.

The object painted is already considered as a necessity, which

outlines the shallowness left by material things.

The elements are decontextualized in a fading background, where

transparencies and dripping alternate one another to shrink the

line between abstract and figurative.

Such a pattern is a language that could belong to the world

of advertisement, where the object goes with a message; the

vaguely pop aspect is accompanied by a rather traditional still

life overview. The precise choice of the represented objects

emphasizes ironically the ordinary aspect of life in this series

of still lives; instead of fruit baskets or silver jugs we find

drugs and cigarettes!

In the background some veiled sentences appear, describing

intimate and nevrotic thoughts, almost in the form of anti-

promotional slogan.

The oil painting looks slightly pop and loses its thickness

transforming itself in a minimal design language. Some works

replicates the same element organically, studying thoroughly

each single variation of a common gesture such as sitting.

The repetition of the same module amplifies the ludic sides

of a basic action which is almost grotesque as it reveals the

necessity of planning even our relaxation.

In this pieces, the media through which we fight pain and sorrow

is an excuse to describe a society that imposes an increasingly

pressing pace of life together with highly competitive models:

finally it is normal to feel constantly under pressure.


Festival exhibition Opening: 30th August, 6pm

Video Art Festival: 30th August to 2nd September, 2010
  • Elise Roedenbeck (USA)
  • Vienne Chan (Corea)
  • Nuno Vicente (Portugal)
  • Pedro Guirao (Spain)
  • Guy Hundere (USA)
  • Tomy Ceballos (Spain)
  • Kate Burnet & Dan Woern (USA)
  • Sergi Botella (Spain)
  • Sondra Perry (USA)
  • Sergi Botella (Spain)
  • Laura Clemente (Spain)
  • Giuseppe Boccassini (Italy)
  • Cristina Moreno (Spain)
  • Ariadna Parreu (Spain)
  • Marisa Benjamin (Portugal)

Selected papers were clustered looking for a link between them:
Videos that reflect on the "modernity" looking for criticism, irony,
melancholy ... Videos made from illustrations of the artists to create
their own universe.
Videos that are simple "Loops" visual, that transform purely plastics
spaces .
Videos that focus on the "nature" claiming the atavistic of man and
Videos that reflect scenes from pure passion.

Pablo Lerma "Gefühle der Sinne"

Solo exhibition Opening: 15th August, 6pm

Photo Exhibition: 15th to 22th August, 2010

Pablo Lerma (Spain) is an image-based artist and researcher living in New York. His artistic practice involves researching and collecting photographs, maps, drawings, illustrations, and geological material addressing concepts such as time, change, erosion, and extinction. His work takes various forms from photographic installation to publications.

He holds a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Barcelona; and a Diploma in General Studies of Photography from the IEFC, Spain.

His work has been exhibited at Flowers Gallery, Konstanet, Centro Huarte, New York University, Fotoweek D.C., SCAN International Festival of Photography, La Fábrica, and Fundació Foto Colectania among others. His books are in collections including the Guggenheim NY, Duke University, Aeromoto, Centro de la Imagen MX, SAIC, and the ICP NY. He is a faculty member at the International Center of Photography and Kean Univ.

Angels Le Fou "Where are you?"

Solo exhibition Opening: 5th August , 6pm

Angels Le Fou (Spain)

ActionCollagePainting Exhibition: 5th to 15th August, 2010

La pintura de Le Fou contiene una gran fuerza de trazo y combina una gran paleta de colores tratando de trasmitir desde lo más intenso del sentimiento humano para expandirse hacia fuera para comunicar. La abstracción de sus pinturas abarca tantos temas como el mismo cosmos, trasformados en pinceladas, desgarros, derrames de pintura, gotas, tonalidades…

Enrico Nagel "After Dark in Colour"

Solo exhibition Opening: 15th July, 6pm

Collage Installation Exhibition: 15th July to 3th August, 2010

Enico Nagel (Germany) In his new exhibition evokes scenarios of the sunrise. Watercolour pastels conciliate the inherent agression of his subjects. Warriors from white universes appear. While his works once again oscillate between sculpture and painting, Nagel tells us fairy tales form asterisks far away with a minimum use of elements.

Cristina del Barco "Black Portraits"

Solo exhibition Opening: 18th June, 6pm

Foto Exhibition: 18th to 30th June, 2010

Cristina del Barco (Spain) is a reference of the scene of Madrid and Berlin, was born in 1980 in Burgos and became a Madrid where it is considered.

Her multidisciplinary background made her to study journalistic, artistic and advertising photography at the school "Look", she completed her studies in the film and television University of Leon as Film Director and at EICAR in Paris.Also she did some master classes of actors direction in buenos aires (SICA). Her creative and innovative spirit in the art scene has allowed her to live and explore different cities around the world where she has projected her professional activity. She lived in Paris, Berlin, Ireland, New York, San Francisco, Maine, Buenos Aires, Mexico where she has created an extensive career of photographic series. Also she portrayed the social conflict in Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela .

We can also appreciate a stage where she became involved with BDSM, and fetiche world in a more exclusive and private way. Under her signature we csn find more than 80 photographic series between Europe and America, where the series have been highlighted: "Black Portraits I" (Berlin, Pantocrator Gallery) "Black Portraits II" (Miami, Art Burst Fair) "100 Portraits" (Madrid , Night in white) "Femme" (Hotel Chelsea, New York) "Varios" (Florida, Caracas)) "," Requiem for love "(Buenos Aires)," Tránsito ", (Paris)" En camino "(Madrid) ), "Music Rules" (Music and distributors, Madrid), "Oneiric Station" (Horst, Zaragoza), "Despedida" (Aleatorio, Madrid)

She is currently in the process of publishing a book under her signature on the musical scene to which she has followed and portrayed for so many years.

Cristina del Barco also has ventured into the theatrical world and in commercials participating as art director, assistant director, director and camera. She has collaborated with multiple national and international magazines, working on the last stage of Interviú Spain.

"I am talking"

Collective exhibition Opening: 28th April, 6pm

Foto/Video Art Exhibition, 2010

  • Miranda Clark (USA) Photo "Black forest Germany", 2010

  • Lucia Zapata (Spain) Photo "I think I can fly", 2009

  • Laura Clemente (Spain) Video art "Love yourself", 2009

Three women who share an independent and nomadic lifestyle, in the eternal pursuit of "knowledge."

This time Miranda Clark shows the result of her latest work carried out in the Black Forest (Germany).

Lucia Zapata experiences with perceptions with the solitude of space.

And Laura Clemente shows her dreamlike vision of goodness and her antithesis.

"6 (Spanish) Artist 6"

Collective Exhibition Opening: 8th July, 6 pm

Spanish Art exhibition: 8th to 13th July, 2010

  • Angels Le Fou . Painting / Collage
  • Pablo F. Pujol. Painting
  • Alba Pardo. Illustration
  • Lucia Zapata. Photo
  • Raúl Estal. Painting
  • Laura Clemente. Video

Guy Hundere

Solo exhibition Opening: 15th April, 6pm

Guy Hundere (USA) Texas

VideoArt exhibition: 15th to 28th April, 2010

Currently working with video and animation, Guy Hundere is animated forms - even when not representing living things - have something strangely living about them. They feel and think and breathe invisibly, as if built around some kind of physiological structure.

Guy Hundere, originally from Texas, lives and works in Germany. He has exhibited widely in the United States and in Europe.